Antiquing Find: Silver Necklace

"You want some watermelon?"

"No thanks!" I say as I walk into an antique store.

"You sure? It's real sweet! And we got two big ole pieces!"

"(laughs) I'm okay."

"You sure?  One of those pieces is for you!"

"I'm okay!"

Exit guy number one.

I ask if they have any jewelery and guy number 2 says, "Not much" as he shows me the top to a cardboard box filled with assorted pieces, some broken, some whole.  I'm like, "Really???"  I find a necklace I think is pretty and ask (a bit skeptically), how much?

He says, "I don't know. Let me go ask him."  He comes back and what do you think he said?

I tried to go in there with an open mind, but I must admit, I was slightly irritated by the owner of one of the other antique stores.  Most of them don't carry much jewelry.  This lady loves to complain about EVERYTHING.  Every single time I go in there, I hear her mouth.  SHUT UP.  Just let me shop.  Anyway, these guys are friendly and I definitely want to go back.  Especially after I hear how much the necklace costs.

You want to know how much it was?


That's right.  FIVE DOLLARS!!!!!  I bought it FAST before they changed their minds!  On my way out the door I heard, "You didn't get your watermelon!"  LOLOL

I'll be back.


K. Rock said...

Ohhh it's pretty. I need to see it on though so I jusdge the size. Also, it looks gold or bronze (your post title says it's silver).

Adei von K said...

why you frontin on the watermelon?!


I like the look of that metal... gold, plated silver, whatever.

Jameil said...

I have the flash off so the color's not as true. You shall see this one again! Adei... when you come to town I'm sure they'll give you some!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Wait! Was the watermelon already cut?? If so that is a fail. I do not know how many times it has been touched if I don't witness the cutting...that said SCORE!!!