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So as you may or may not know, Z a g a t has a list of the 30 must-have foods in NYC this summer. Of that list, I chose 20 I'd like to try. Here are the ones I eliminated:

I crossed off 'a bucket of Corona's at the Frying Pan' b/c

1. I don't drink beer and
2. really? i'ma come to NY to drink something I can get ANYWHERE else?

I don't need to try the DitchPlains's mussels b/c I realize i'm not the biggest fan of them. I always get them rubbery. Send me oysters instead.

I don't want Gray's papaya drink b/c papaya may be the fruit I hate more than cantaloupe (but not more than guava).

I've decided to pass on a tiki drink from a place called Hurricane... if tiki drinks weren't invented in So.Fla, they were definitely perfected there.

I don't want ribs from anywhere above the Mason-Dixon, sorry Hill Country.

I'm not going to pay upwards of $12 for a yerbabuena ensalata which is nothing more than a dressed up caprese but instead of basil, they use mint (yech in food).

Starbux iced anything didn't make my list and neither did rosa mexicano's overpriced pom margarita (Which I happened to already have tasted whilst in DC).

I didn't add gownusyacht's 'beer and a burger' cause i already have a burger joint on my list and i'm kind of burgered out.

So what does that leave?

Black Forty's Crab Boil
The Bedford's Sangria
Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's Salty Pimp
Brookyln Farmacy's Egg Cream
Cafe Habana's Grilled Corn
CoolHaus' Ice Cream Sandwich
El Faro's Gazpacho
Grand Central Station's Oyster Bar's Oysters
Grimaldi's Pizza
Grom's Gelato
Luke's Lobster Roll
Mermaid Oyster Bar's Oyster Po Boy
Mr. Softee Ice Cream
Nathan's Hotdog
Nuela's Ceviche
People's Pops
Red Hook Ball Field's Huarache
Rouge et Blan's Soft Shell Crab Banh Mi
Shake Shack's Burger
Tacombi's Fish Taco
Zengo's Tequila Snow Cone

Also on my list is the requisite NY stuff. A hotdog from a vendor on the street and maybe a pretzel. I can live my life w/o eating pretzels so I'm not too pressed abt that one...

Stay tuned for the next episode of Feed My Face!


Naima said...


Jameil said...

OMG!!! I'M DYING!! I WISH I WAS THERE TO EXPERIENCE THIS ALL WITH YOU!!! Big Gay Ice Cream Truck's Salty Pimp?? THIS. This whole phrase is every single thing! LOLOL Also a caprese w/mint? Disgusting.

Adei von K said...

Nima- yes. that's what I did when I saw the article. I sincerely think it led me to visit NY!

Yeah, I can't do mint in food at all. Then you want tomato, creamy mozz and mint plus other foliage? *VOMIT*