Feed My Face, I'm on Vacay!: Day One

I went to see the McQueen exhibit at The Met and was simply amazed by that man. He was truly an artist, not just a fashion designer but an AR.TISTE. Almost scary.

Anyway, after being annoyed by everyone else who was in the museum, I was thisclose to calling the day a wrap. The rain was unrelenting, my feet were wet, my umbrella I just bought from some guy on the street had a hole in it and the day was just gray. I wanted some hot chocolate, sweats and tube socks. But I was in Manhattan. I was walking down 5th Avenue. I was walking down Madison and then Park Ave. It hit me that I am in New York City! I needed to make the most of my day cause guess what? I let the rain keep me indoors while in the DMV. Not this time!

As I made my way back to the front of the Met, I remembered I wanted a hotdog from a street vendor. For some weird reason, I ordered a jumbo one thinking that was more of a NYC move. That was dumb. It was a slightly bigger than the bun dog that tasted like any other hotdog I've ever eaten. Oh well, check it off my list.

Now I'm walking down 5th and I realize if I want something to eat, I'm going to have to get off this avenue. 5th Ave is lined with residences and then shops. An occasional boulangerie or nail spa but for the most part, golden gates and doormen.

I make my way towards Lexington where I saw more down to earth places like CVS and duane reade. I walk in city block circles, sometimes crossing the street and walking back the way I came. I didn't know where I was going and my GPS was tripping with the location of a specific restaurant I wanted. Oh well, I made a right on some street and found a Tasti-D-Lite. I think I saw C. Bradshaw eating there once so I got a sugar cone with french vanilla ice fro-yo.

It was so good. It was like eating cotton candy silk velvet. so smooth and rich and light at the same time. A whole mouth feeling in just one bite. It made my mouth feel good, a warm fuzzy feeling even though it was a frozen treat. Almost like a good red wine I guess.

Too bad he gave me a ish-ton on a tiny cone. I ended up throwing most of it away cause I just finished eating a jumbo hotdog. And I realized I didn't like cone. It doesn't get soft like cheapy-cones you get from the grocery store get.

I'm still sitting in the TDL trying to find the soft shell banh mi restaurant on my own (with GPS) and it's not working. I leave and start wandering aimlessly, looking down cross streets for something to grab my interest. I walk past a burger joint with no-one in line. OMG, this is Sha.ke Shack! It's on my list and I've heard talk on twitter abt this place! Wait, no line?!?! I'm there!

I get the Shac.kburger. What makes it a shackburger is the tangy mayo sauce they add. I think I would've liked more of the sauce but other than that, it was delish. All parts of the burger melted in my mouth. The bun was lightly toasted but still soft and almost croissant-ish; tear away gooey goodness. The hand made angus patty was to-die for. the fresh veggies were not overwhelming. And it was the perfect size. (Well, I did just eat a jumbo hotdog and a few bites of fro-yo so this statement should be taken with a grain of salt). Believe it or not, they use american cheese and guess what? IT WORKS! I would like to go back to try some of their other menu items like the frozen custard and the split hotdog. Y'all know i'm a whore for hotdogs.

If our friend B.BeyonceL-W was reading this, she knows she better take me to willie's weener- wagon before I know sumthing!!

So in the past hour, i've eaten three iconic NY foods. I'm good! I make it back to 86th and Lex and get so confused about which train to take. Uptown or Downtown? I just want to go to Brooklyn and all the signs are saying the same thing. It turns out I was supposed to cross the street to get to the BK bound trains... who knew?

I get on the right train and I hear the conductor announce "Grand Central Station". I jump up and decide to hit up the oyster bar! Why not!?!? This day will not go to waste!

I'm headed in the right direction!

It looks like a diner. But it's a raw bar. *swoon*

You seat yourself and the NYC equivalent of a wafflehouse waitress named Dottie tosses a paper menu printed that day at you. That's when I went to work.


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