Oy, vey! Oysters!

Hey, y'all! Sorry this post took so long, I lost the paper I wrote my list and descriptions on! While packing for my next trip to DMV (and possibly NYC), I found it in between jeans. Weird.

Anyway, when I went to Grand Central's Oyster Bar, I was presented with a menu and time. I read over the menu and decided I wanted 6 from each coast. I was once told west coast oysters are smaller and sweeter whereas east coast are bigger and saltier. I wanted to put that to the test by choosing 2 oysters from each location. I'll start with West Coast oysters.

Emerald Cove from Washington: the first one was very milky and basic tasting (alkaline). Almost like eating liquid soap. The second one was better b/c the mignonette sauce (MS) cut thru the basic taste.

Hama Hama from Washington: very salty at first, goes down good! The second one was too intense with MS. Salt + Acid doesn't taste too good.

I tried to order Snow Creek, Yaquina, and Totem Inlet but they were out. It looked like my west coast oyster tour has ended. I didn't want to eat anymore from Washington but the other states like Oregon and Cali were perkin. Now for East Coast.

Martha's Vineyard from Massachusetts: first one was salty! But unlike the HamaHama's, the second one tasted much better with MS!

North Haven from Maine: this was a bitter oyster. I remember making a medicine face. It became sweet when paired with MS.

Beaver Tail from Rhode Island: the first one was bland, the second one was AWESOME with MS! It was my fave of the bunch! Note to self, get RI oysters whenever possible and have plenty of mignonette sauce available.

Cape Breton from Nova Scotia: this one was recommended to me by a Russian couple seated next to me. The man overheard my trouble with various west coast oysters and suggested I try this one. He looked like he eats people who don't follow directions (think the typical russian goon bad guy in movies) so i didn't want to tell him I was trying to get an equal number of oysters from each coast... anyway, it was a nice oyster and better with MS. I was still in love with the RI oyster.

I thought about ordering some more Beaver Tails and trying different ones but I was kind of full. Remember, I had a hotdog, shackburg, and fro-yo! No worries, I walked EVERYTHING off freakin around in NYC!

So that was my oyster adventure! I can't wait to go back and try some more!

*my notes are cracking me up. You should see the exclamation points and capital letters I used to emphasize each oyster*


Jameil said...

1) No one's worried about you walking anything off!! LOLOL
2) I don't think oysters are gonna make you fat. LOLOL
3) And most importantly, can I PLEAAAAAAASE eat my way through oysters of the US????? MY EYES ARE GREEN AND IT DON'T HAVE NOTHIN TO DO W/VEGETABLES!