2011, Recipe 90: Coconut Shrimp with Apricot Lime Basmati Rice

This Tyler Florence Thai curry-style recipe did not send any shivers through Rashan.  He hates coconut and therefore coconut milk.  Actually, the more I cook, the more things I find out he doesn't like.  Sometimes they're things he had cooked poorly as a child (greens, cabbage) or that just sounds gross to him (my husband's five) and sometimes he just genuinely doesn't like them.

If I think this hate is theoretical, I cook around it.  Turns out his dislike of coconut milk is actual.  But the recipe is tasty with 2 adjustments.  If I made this again I would just beat up the lemongrass with a knife and put it in in large pieces instead of cutting it.  Lemongrass does not soften upon cooking.  I would also quarter or dice the apricots so they wouldn't be SO obtrusive in the rice.   Very interesting dish from Tyler's Ultimate Cookbook.