2011, Recipe 91: Tyler's Ultimate Ribs

Results: The barbecue sauce in this recipe was DELICIOUS! I figured out I don't really like pork anymore, though unless it's bacon or sausage.  Sad turn of events, huh?  It just far too often smells disgusting to me and it's just as easy to find beef ribs and delicious chicken sausage.  So long, pork ribs!

Note: The online recipe is clearer than the one in the book.  I diced the onion & garlic finely and it was actually delicious to get little bites of onion inside.


GorgeousPuddin said...

Yes that is a sad turn of events! I can't imagine giving up pork ribs, although I realized I mostly eat them on the 4th so that's not so bad. Beef ribs are so huge,they remind me of the old school Flintstone brontosaurus ribs! LOL!!

Jameil said...

LOL @ Brontosaurus ribs! Hilarity! I really hate the smell of raw/lightly seasoned pork. It has murdered most pork for me.