Copper Necklace DIY

I like DIY stuff and find it easy to create things but sometimes I forget I know how to do stuff!  LOL!  And other times I need people to tell me hey! Look how easy this is! Do this!  So Tania (What Would a Nerd Wear) posted this cute simple DIY she found on P.S. I Made This and I was like YES! DONE!  I went to the hardware store and fretted over whether to get the 3/4 inch or 1/2 inch piping.  It was so cheap that I bought both!  I ended up liking the larger 3/4 inch much better!  So my style!  I'm taking the smaller ones back tho I considered making a bracelet.  I think it works better as a statement piece.  I wore the necklace to a screening at my mom's church and it was a hit!  People were amazed I made it!  :)
 How cute is my cousin's son??  He's the best!  He saw a camera & immediately posed!  And he knew my necklace was no. 1!
Listen and learn, kiddos! LOL


K. Rock said...

Cool! That is very handy of you. It makes quite a statement.

Jameil said...

Thank you! I think I may soon be very obsessed with this site! I wish she would post more tho!

GorgeousPuddin said...

I really like that! I wanna make one with the bracelet or maybe just the bracelet either way HAUTE! Ummm if you had on a skirt I would swear you were at church about to praise dance! LOLOLOLOL!

EEMars said...

I posted a review of your blog post "Copper Necklace DIY" to my blog "Eddie's eHow Article Directory." The review has a picture of you wearing your Copper necklace and links to a couple of your recipes. Here's a link to one of my recipes that you might like.

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Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

Cute! I love P.S I made this's site... You did a good job

Your son is adorable

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Confessions Of A City Girl