2011, Recipe 23: Fish with Lemon & Basil baked in a foil packet

Recipe courtesy of Arte Culinaria

Line a small baking dish with enough foil that the excess foil will fold over the top of the pan.
Place two fish fillets into the foil-lined dish.  I’ve made this recipe with tilapia and cod.
Squeeze the juice of half a lemon over the fillets.  Then add about a 1/2 teaspoon of lemon zest.
Sprinkle with a pinch of salt and a couple grinds of black pepper 
Add 2 tablespoons each of finely chopped basil and capers.
Drizzle the fish with about a tablespoon of olive oil.

Tent the foil over the fish (don’t let the foil touch the fish) and seal the top and ends of the foil.  The idea is that the juice and steam will stay in the foil.
Bake in a pre-heated 375F  oven (or toaster oven) for about 10 minutes per 1/2 inch of fish.  Last night I made this with 1 inch thick Alaskan Cod and it took about 20 minutes to bake.
Remove from oven and let the packet sit for about 5 minutes.  Then carefully unwrap (watch out for the steam).  Serve it with rice or light pasta.  Also, as a variation, instead of basil and capers, use dill or some other fresh green herb.

Results: Yummy! I had to make several substitutions because my mom didn't have capers or olive oil.  I used butter, wine and a dried onion & herb mix instead.  Delicious!  I served it with tabouleh and tomatoes and broccoli.  I felt so healthy!


K. Rock said...

Looks yummy even though I am not the biggest fan of baked fish.

Jameil said...

No baked fish for you??? SMH