Seeing Spots

Today on Everybody, Everywear, it's Polka Dot Day!!!  YAY!!!  If you know anything about me, you know I love me some polka dots!  I packed my bags to go out of town for Spring Break (fake spring break since I'm a graduation student working on a film...) and forgot my polka dots!!!  SMH. 

So I scrounged in the closets in my mom's house, found a skirt and made it a dress!!  Thank God for fashion bloggers giving me that idea!  These are actually tiny hearts!  It's a tad ill-fitting right now but luckily for me, my grandma's a seamstress, I'm headed down there TOMORROW and she's finally going to get to give me the lesson in sewing she's always wanted to give!  WHEEEEE!!!  (For the record, I had to BEG to get permission to turn this into a dress but SO WORTH IT!!)
Dress: Former skirt
Belt: Too old to remember
Shoes: Nine West


Sha Boogie said...

work it gurl! and I love the heels..

K. Rock said...

I love polka dots too. I need more of them in my life. Nice idea and cute dress.

GorgeousPuddin said...

You look FAB!!! It all works!!! LURVE IT!

I LOVE polka dots. My mother gave me a hideous animal print skirt that I am making into a similar type dress I just need a good belt.

Linda said...

I'm totally jealous that someone is going to teach you to sew!

Thanks for joining us at EBEW.
The Auspicious Life

Jameil said...

sha... thanks!

k... polka dots are awesome!

gp... thank ya! belts are the best!

linda... thanks for doing it! :)