30 for 30 Remix: Days 23 & 24

This is my "I need something to cover my gym clothes so it's a quick and smooth transition, I now know I don't like this jacket anymore, it's the first cold day and HOW DO THESE PEOPLE TAKE PICS OUTSIDE W/O A COAT WITHOUT DYING" outfit.
 It's also my rubbing in the fact that I have an eggnog milkshake from Cook-Out in my hand outfit! MMMMMMM!

 The "Are we done yet? It's cold." face.
The following day I was feeling bored (again) so I tried drawing some inspiration from Sydney and What Would a Nerd Wear... (No. 6) About that...  I couldn't get the scarf to look full enough (How do they do that?? Longer scarf??) so I had to go in a different direction.  I still ended up surprising myself and liking the result.  Rashan wasn't sure about it but I'm okay with that. :)
 I don't like leopard that much but decided to make it peek out for a few hours.
 Yes! A certified catalog model!


Naima said...

Mmmmmmm...egg nog milkshake from Cookout. *hate hate hate*

I think maybe she has one of those infinity scarves? It looks like it's all loop.

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling the outfit too! I like the scarf and matching belt and shoe style.

Sha Boogie said...

The teal scarf on you is fierce! Wurk it gurl! lol