30 for 30 Remix: Days 18 & 19

Seriously!?!?  For the last post, how did I miss, "I am 16 going on 17!"  I love that Sound of Music song!  Ugh.  Complete and utter failure at life.  Anywho.  I'm still several outfits behind so here are two more days!  Is this over yet?

Taking pictures in front of the front door like mom used to make me and my sister do before the first day of school!!  LOL
 Smoldering... LOL
 I felt flashdance-y so I thought I should give my move a go!
 How about an awkward one? LOLOL
 The model's hunch.
 My sister was getting rid of this coat and... it fit me!  Don't mind if I do!
 Take it off!
 My grandmother took a shot like this while my mom was pregnant with me and it was so cute!  28 years later!
 Sans coat...


Anonymous said...

I like those bright colors against the black. And that green looks great on you!

Sha Boogie said...

I am totally a fan of the smoldering and the hunch..now if you would have done a smoldering hunch, you would be a winner in my book! lol

Jameil said...

j... thx!

sha... lololol I tried in subsequent pics but the thought of it made me giggle too much!