30 for 30 Remix: Days 27 & 28

YESSSSSS!!! TWO MORE OUTFITS!!  I'M GOING OUT WITH A BANG AND SO EXCITED!!  I'm beginning to lust after my own shoes... That is just sad.  The first pictures were taken during the first snow of the season here Saturday.  It's incredibly unusual to have snow in NC in the first week in December.  And for it to even stick on the grass???  Crazy.
 Being backlit makes it look like I have new clothes! *drool* New clothes...
 Got a 2nd use out of this sweater!  And in a consecutive outfit!  Amazing!

 The "got toffee in my teeth from this eggnog cappuccino heath milkshake" pose. *dig, Naima, dig* LOL 
 It never occurred to me before this outfit to let my sweater drape open... LOL
 Brooklyn?  Rapper?  Brooklyn rapper?


Naima said...

Wait...let me get that straight. All of those ingredients in the SAME milkshake?? *head explodes*

Jameil said...

LOL. It was good!