Clear Thinking

Hello again! I'm back for an accessory update!

The summer is basically here. Well, from my standpoint as a teacher and a South Floridian, I can safely say, "Bring out the white pants and espadrilles!" I promise I won't look at you funny if you do. And when you do break out these summer staples, a way to update your look is with your accessories!

Don't you read? Don't you know if you can't afford spring and fall lines, just change up your smaller pieces? Get that new satchel in the haute fabric or an affordable dress in the haute color/print. (FYI: it's floral. But buyer beware with that print. Like polka dots, not everyone know how to wear it.)

This spring/summer season, I want you to think, "You so see-thru!". Get out those lucite bangles, cuffs, and bracelets and don that extra long lariat with crystal and glass pieces. For spring & summer, put away your rubies and garnets from winter and wear some diamonds, quartz, and CZ. Anything that is clear to a slight white will work!

The style is totally up to you. I saw what was supposed to look like a pearl necklace with lucite spheres and I LOVED it! I've also seen a long necklace with "stations" (a necklace with charms built on the chain, spaced out evenly along the whole chain) of different shaped crystal; kind of like a Van Cleef & Arpels piece. Cuffs and big geometric bangles or even just a few thin lucite hoops on a wrist (throw a white one in there if you're going thin) will give you a chic and cool look this season. Your jewelry can go from pool to cocktails to dinner in no time flat!

So let's review: clear is good. No dark! And please, (this should go without saying...) no clear shoes/heels


Kali said...

I dont think I can necessarily put off a big floral but than for the accessarory tip. So what colors would you say are in for summer?

Adei von K said...

For summer, white is a staple.

The Pantone color of the year is turquoise so that's always safe.

The last one may surprise you: khakis

But not Dockers per se, more like military/safari style. A structured olive green jacket over a tank and some jeans. a khaki shirt dress (GAP has some on sale!); bags in canvas and hemp and other natural looking/feeling textures