Week 18, Recipe 5: Blue Cheese Penne

Recipe from the Cuckoo Kitchen

Some blue cheese, crumbled
Some Heavy cream

In a pan heat up heavy cream, salt and pepper, crumble in blue cheese (you'll want the ratio to be so that cheese flavor really comes through the cream, stick your finger in and taste it, until it's how you like it.). Continue heating until the cheese has melted.

Cook penne and drain. Pour cheese concoction over penne, mix, serve.

Results: I promise you that's how the recipe goes!  Lol.  I used garlic salt for the salt & white pepper for the pepper.  Use medium low heat.  This tastes GREAT!!  I seriously looked at this while it was cooking and thought, why do I have to be anything other than fat?  I want to eat like this all the time!!!


K. Rock said...

This recipe is perfection to me. Pasta and cheese sauce!! How could one go wrong. Definitely on the to-do list but with that heavy cream, I am gonna have to shelve this one until after the diet.

Jameil said...

Lol! Right?? I made myself feel better by sauteeing some mushrooms in olive oil and adding thyme s&p at the end, then putting that on top of the pasta. At least it wasn't straight pasta!