Week 17, Recipe 3: Asian Dumpling Soup

This is another one of those recipes I cobbled together from several on the interweb and added my own ingredients where I saw fit.

1 carton of low-sodium chicken stock
2 tbsp. fish sauce
1 tbsp. black pepper
2 tsp. garlic salt
1 bag of frozen potstickers or Asian dumplings (I used pork & napa cabbage)
1 1/2 cups frozen corn
one small bunch of fresh parsley
sriracha to taste (optional for some heat)

Directions: Bring chicken stock, fish sauce, pepper & garlic salt to a boil.  Add potstickers and lower heat to medium high.  Add frozen corn.  Cook 6-8 minutes more until the potstickers are cooked through.  Add parsley and sriracha and adjust seasonings.  I served these with frozen veggie and shitake spring rolls cooked in the toaster oven.

Results: You could also add peas, carrots, garlic, green onion (at the very end), spinach and/or cabbage, fresh or frozen.  Matter of fact, I would add a lot more of those things to put this over the level of broth.  This was not bad.  The sriracha gives it a delightful kick! :)  But it would be better with more veggies.  I was being lazy... I chose the route that required no cutting.


Adei von K said...

The picture looks beyond awesome! I am excited to try this recipe

Jameil said...

Cool! I'm excited you're excited! Cooking is so fun!