30 for 30 Remix: Day 14

Jacket: Express
Sweater: Target
Belt: Came with Ann Taylor dress
Jeans: Express
Shoes: Well... it starts with a number and ends with a direction...

I loooove this series of shots!  I think I look so happy and carefree!  I felt it at the time... but I'm in the middle of a rough stretch as far as work and school.  December 11th cannot come soon enough.  And this, too, shall pass.  Platitudes, platitudes.


K. Rock said...

Cute outfit! I love the action shots too.

Tiffany said...

This color is amazing on you. And, yes, loving the action shots...I need to try a little action one time instead of just standing there looking out into space...lol..

GorgeousPuddin said...

I like these too! Is Rashan your photog?? Or a random stranger?

Anonymous said...

fun and free! nice green

Jameil said...

Thanks ladies!

Tiff... LOLOL! You look pensive... and full of deep thoughts!

GP... LOL! Rashan!

Janeen... I love that shade!