30 for 30 Remix: Day 15

HALFWAY!!!!!  So how did I celebrate?  With a boring outfit... but some very amusing shot series.

 Now in the next series, I paused for a minute to think about my next shot and the bf Rashan thought I was posing... ROTFL!!  Really???  That awkward face and stance makes you think, "Hot. Got it."  LOLOL.  So!  I took two more.  Here goes nothin...

Scarf: Taken from the bottom of a too-long dress from Grandma
Cardigan: Banana Republic
Tank: Express
Jeans: Express


Sha Boogie said...

HAAA! Those last two poses were the best. Wurk, gurl!

Janeen said...

You silly!

I like the in the street shots though.

Linda W said...

Congrats on making it halfway!
The Auspicious Life

Jameil said...

Lol. Thanks ladies!