30 for 30 Remix: The Pieces

Here are my 30 pieces! I'm scared, y'all! I'm that one shiverin and shakin on the pavement! I have less color than I would like but that's completely representative of my winter wardrobe. I included some pieces I am now thinking I might not wear just because I wanted to be able to have a little more color. This shall be interesting. Kendi, le premiere remixer, only has FOUR pairs of shoes... Yeah... about that. That's not gonna work for the kid.

I'll need your encouragement so keep it coming!! For the record, my support system known as my boyfriend? Hot mess horrible. This man looked at my pared down closet and LAUGHED at me. I said it'll be easier for me to get dressed in the morning and he laughed EVEN HARDER!! Jerk. Accessories will make this what it will be. Oh and yes, I bought 3 new pieces (in advance of the shopping freeze) to be able to do this without harming babies and dogs. You're welcome moms and pet owners. To the pieces!
Two dresses: (L to R) New American Eagle, Ann Taylor

Three casual pants: 1 velvet jeans, 2 pairs of jeans
Two dress pants: Black & navy
Five sweaters: Sleeveless sweater, sweater tank (I'm killing K. Rock so softly right now), 3 cardigans (the far right is new)
Five shirts: The green and black are actually sweaters, the other two folded are long-sleeved tees, then the lone button-down is a never worn piece from Martin + Osa before they went out of business
Four blazers: (L to R) Flannel, two velvet, my favorite black
Three skirts: Wool, fancy (Huh? LOL), tulle
Six pairs of shoes: I couldn't do this without my magenta birthday shoes!! The grey boots are thrifted in great condition $20!!  All shoes pictured are of course... Nine West. LOLOL. STAN.


K. Rock said...

LOL!! You know me oh so well.

I don't know why anyone woluld put themself through this. Y'all are crazy with this fashion!! But of couse I can't wait to see what you able to do. Maybe you can inspire me.

Jameil said...

LOLOL! I'm doing it because I'm kind of bored/incredibly stressed with my life and it currently takes me WAY too long to get dressed in the morning. I have to set ridiculous goals regularly to make myself not crazy. INSPIRATION ON!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Very cute selection! EXCITED TO SEE IT GO DOWN!