Dressed By the Men: Day 3

Wow! Selecting an outfit was SO dramatic today. Partly because I was going to an adult slip n slide party!  Yes it was as fun as it sounds! He spent literally hours including breaks picking it out last night. That's the first outfit. Once it was on, he didn't like the black tank underneath. I honestly didn't mind it. I didn't love the ribbon on his ancient ankh charm. LOL

So he brought me the cream shirt but he didn't like it again.
Then he didn't like the green shirt.
All of these are things I wouldn't have brought together but really liked once they were on. He settled on yellow. I guess he wanted me to join the club. Naima('s "co-worker") wanted to know if a veto was allowed. I quickly poopooed that idea! But... I wanted to veto this necklace but I also didn't want to hurt his feelings or interfere with his design. But that's why it's tucked in. LOL Sorry love!

Shirt: Express (gift from Stace)
Shorts: MK by Michael Kors (So cheap it was almost free)
Earrings: Forever 21 (Something like $3)
Necklace: Free from sister
Bangle: I really haven't the foggiest but pretty sure it was free, too.
Shoes: Free from Stace


 I didn't think the length of this dress was work-appropriate (hence the veto question), so I called an audible & added a pair of skinny jeans before I left the house this morning. These pictures are the true representation of "the creator's vision". LoL!! I guess he was inspired by Jameil's dragonfly pin in yesteray's post, because he almost added my owl pin to the mix (very glad he didn't)!

Dress: LuLu's
New York & Co.
Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless
Last night, I told Cardo, "Okay, tomorrow is Tuesday. What's the deal?" "Do you have anything special planned?" "Nope, just a regular day." "Okay, dark skirt, light top." "... I have 4 dark skirts and countless 'light tops', be more specific." He pulled out my 3 knee length black skirts and got amped over the one with ruffles in the back. Then he was torn between a white wrap shirt, a light blue button down or its gray sister. He went with the gray (YES!) button down. I asked what shoes and he said "Nothing too high." Then he looked at my racks and racks and racks of shoes and found the shortest heel that's not a kitten heel.

I liked the outfit! I was sassy smart today. I got a few usual compliments at school but my fave was at Chipo.tle. I was getting a fork to aid in my assault & battery of 3 soft tacos and the guy sitting by the fountain drink/napkin/utensil area said, "Wow, are you a model? You look like one!" Duhhhh, winning!

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: gift from sister (Dillard's)
Shoes: Nickels
Jewelry: Macy's

I don't understand what the pictures are doing. My apologies!!!!


Jameil said...

I'm impressed w/B's shoe pairing! Very nice! He loves your legs! LOL Stace... I will not talk about you being a midget model again. LOLOL You look so cute and petite here!

Adei von K said...

THAT'S MY FAVORITE SHIRT ON YOU JAMEIL!!! I think it's safe to say we ALL look good in yellow! Good call, Rah!

Yes, B with the teal shoes to go with the MINI dress!! (more legs, please! the man is trying to tell you something!)
Nima, get more burnt orange! Nuff said!

LOL @ midget model. I'd expect nothing but love from you, Jam *cough cough*

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

Naima's shoes suckered me, lol. They are HAWT! of course I love the yellow on Jameil and Stace killed me with the "duh, winning" ha!

Naima said...

Jameil, I love that shirt on you! I'm glad he decided on that one. EVERYBODY IN YELLOW!! HAHAHAHA!

Stace, you look great -- very cute and professional! Dude at Chipotle was clearly trying to holla!!

Guess I need to try to take the (not so subtle) hint on the legs thing. LoL!!

Jameil said...

thanks y'all! i think this is even more fun than it would've been b/c I have people joining in! we should do it again in a few months and make more people do it! ahem nerd girl and shaboogie!! anybody who knows a man! let him pick out your clothes!