Fashion Challenge

I can't seem to get myself motivated to do really interesting things with my wardrobe unless there's some sort of group challenge/outing/activity.  I know that's ridiculous but I yam what I yam.  It's kind of bad that I'm doing this in the summer when I leave the house rather infrequently but we'll make it work. 

I found a 50 Theme Fashion Challenge on polyvore.com.  Now I know that's way too much for me so I think I'll take it down to 30.  Much more tangible, yes?  Si.  I've narrowed it down but I need your help getting rid of the rest.  Which ones shouldn't I do?  The idea is that these are vague enough that we'll all have some very different takes on the theme and that some of these are out of our comfort zones and will require us to stretch.  I'll post my outfits every Wednesday.
  1. Stripes
  2. Polka Dots
  3. Hot
  4. Runway
  5. Centered around a hat
  6. Stereotypical
  7. Funky
  8. Futuristic
  9. Glittery
  10. Preppy
  11. Sportswear
  12. Ruffles
  13. Light
  14. Dark
  15. Animal
  16. Natural
  17. Go Green!
  18. Royal
  19. Eyes
  20. Winter in the summer
  21. Military Inspired
  22. Plaid
  23. Travel
  24. Tribal
  25. Cowboy
  26. Monochrome
  27. Trench coat
  28. Sunshine
  29. Nail polish
  30. Lose yourself
  31. Vest
  32. Children's outfit
  33. Grunge
  34. Killer heels
Who else is down for the challenge????


Adei von K said...

i know what you SHOULDN'T get rid of...


(today is opposite day)

Nerd Girl said...

I'm down. Of course, I don't own half the things on this list, but I'll get in where I can.

Definitely keep the nail polish challenge!!!

Jameil said...

Adei!!! I love glitter!!!! I'm not getting rid of that. And animal is easy, too! Why are you being like this. So hateful.

NG... YAY!!!

I'm gonna put this on my other blog to see if some people will help me get rid of some stuff!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Well grunge offends all of my sensibilities. A children's outfit? Pass. I'm not sure about cowboy but who knows you may have boots or something. Umm eyes?? Futuristic? Nope! That's my vote

Jameil said...

Okay we'll get rid of animal (ugh Adei... REALLY!?!), children's outfit, cowboy & killer heels. The last because YOU SHOULD HAVE THOSE IN MANY OF YOUR OUTFITS ANYWAY! :)