EBEW: Maxi Dress

Y'all would not believe the series of ridiculous events that ended with me not posting the April Everybody, Everywear until today... May... less than a week before next week's florals... lol.  Don't get me started on the number of outfits I've photographed and not posted.  I've gotta get my life together.  Everyone, that's your notice to wear florals and blog about it/photograph it on Tuesday!!! 

Anyway, Adei von K gave me this dress for Christmas (custom made in Ghana) and it's finally warm enough to wear it!!!  (Kinda) I decided to take it in a slightly unexpected for me direction by pairing it with this shirt.

 Yes I was spinning in circles like a little kid and swirling my skirt! LOL

Scarf: Had so long I'm not sure... American Eagle?
Shirt: Express (YEARS ago-- at least 5)
Dress: Gift from Ghana
Shoes: Gap

I think the coolest thing about this outfit is that I feel in love with two pieces I've had more than 5 years and not worn in at least 2.  Fashion challenges always push me to do new things with my wardrobe.  Who has an idea for another one that lasts at least a week????

P.S. Someone told me I looked "festive" in this outfit and I didn't even know how to respond.  Festive?????????  I stuttered and said, "Uhh... thanks!" with a "WHAT???" thought bubble floating above.


Sha Boogie said...

Yup, I'd agree.. FESTIVE is the look! lol. I love the dress. Give it to me!

Adei von K said...

Jameil, you are ROCKIN IT!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE the shirt with it and the ruffles peeking out! Treeeeeeeeeee' cute!!

Elaine said...

Cute!! I love that you wore a shirt over it!

GorgeousPuddin said...

Gawjus! I love that color purple and the print is FAB! Great pairing!

Jameil said...

sha... lol i can't w/the festive. you can't have it!!

adei... thank you!!!

elaine... merci!

gp... thanks so much!