Men Start Your Engines: Naima

Faithful follower of The Record Dish Naima is joining us in a fashion challenge this week and we're all extra excited about it.  Her fiancé will be choosing her outfits all week.  Since I elected not to leave the house Sunday, you'll have to decide which guy picked the best outfit between Adei & Naima for the day!  So here's Naima with Day 1!

I honestly would have been content to sit around in my pajamas all day (no, really), but after reading Adei's blog post this morning, I called BL into action. He disappeared into our closet for about 15 minutes, emerged on 2 different occasions to get some shoes from our spare closet, muttered about how hard this was (already??!! This is only the first day!!) and finally came out with this outfit. I had just worn these shorts on Saturday, but since I RARELY wear shorts (pretty much never ever never), I guess he felt the need to see them again. What can I say, the man wants what he wants! 

Shirt: The Limited
Shorts: Old Navy
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Nine West


Adei von K said...

B did such a good job! Such a perfect outfit for you! Hush up all that grumbling, BL! LOLOL! This is fun!

Jameil said...

Super cute! Good job B!

Nerd Girl said...

Looks good! Y'all have me wondering what my hubby would choose for me. Hmmm....

Jameil said...

NG, you should sooo do this! We're gonna do it again!