Dressed By the Men: Day 5

This man... he insists I look like I'm going to church or to teach. LOL  This outfit felt way too conservative for my taste even with the yellow scarf.  I felt better when I opened up my shirt.  He felt like I usurped his authority because I wore a tank underneath. What???  I am so sorry I didn't want to be see-through!  Power gone to his head, y'all!  LOL  In my office.  Accidental pic.  I'm so naturally awesome...
 Plaid shoes

 For Naima... LOL 
Just like yesterday!
Shirt: Martin + Osa (RIP)
Scarf (as belt): Don't remember
Pants: Express
Shoes: Nine West

Another mishap. HOPEFULLY tomorrow we'll be back on track!

BL asked me what I was doing today and I told him, "Working from home & picking up my dad." I think the he chose outfit was perfectly suited for just that.

As per usual when my dad visits, we made a Whole Foods run. BL suggested we take advantage of the "good lighting" and get the pictures knocked out. Ummmm, OK. I guess I'll just cop a feel on this pineapple then. (No pineapples were harmed during the taking of these pictures).

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind
Necklace: Heliotrope
Purse: Big Buddha (Christmas present from BL)
Shoes: Sam Edelman


Jameil said...

I'm getting Charlotte to fed ex me that necklace!!

ShaBoogiesince1982 said...

I'm with Rashan on this one -- you usurped his clothing authority! lol

Jameil said...

Hush up that noise Sha! That's why your husband is going to pick the awfulest clothes you never wear! And a t-shirt!

Naima said...

The scarf belt still has me thrown! Gone head Rashan!!

LoL! Charlotte is Phyllis now, according to my dad. What in the random...???

Jameil said...

LOLOL! I love that you love that! I was quite surprised myself since he usually looks at me sideways when I add a random color. Phyllis???? LOLOL