Men, Start Your Engines!

I saw this challenge on Yahoo and thought this would be too awesome to do! I actually dared two of my friends to do it but then I was invited by THEM to do it!

For seven days, Jameil, guest blogger and bride-to-be Nima, and I will be letting the men in our lives dress us. Jameil has fellow blogger/BF Rashan dressing her, Nima has her fiance, BL picking her outfits and I have my Dad (furthermore known as Ricardo) dressing me. Jesus, be a Qweer Eye for the Str8 Guy!

When I told Cardo about the challenge, this man was too excited! He said, "Ok! Line up your dresses, skirts, and pants!" Wow, I wasn't expecting such fervor! Then on either Friday or Saturday, he was up and said, "Okay, let me pick your clothes." I definitely burst his bubble when I told him the challenge didn't start till Sunday. LOL

So Sunday is here and this man found himself in my closet before 7am looking for a dress. Since I was kinda up, I asked, "what are you looking for?" "Your yellow dress. The one you wore to Steph's graduation. That's what you're going to wear to church today." "Well, I was kinda hoping you would save that dress for school tomorrow, I have the kindergarten award assem- "No, you're wearing pants tomorrow. Here it is, yeah. You are so pretty in yellow!"

*blushing* Aww, shucks, Daddy.

He leaves for work and I realize he didn't pick out my shoes. I send him a text.
"Pops, what shoe should I wear with the yellow dress? Can I wear a headband?"
"The same shoe you wore to graduation and no. No headband. No."

Damn, lil, hating on my headband. He's not the first person to do that either, Drew can't stand headbands... haters.

So here we are with my pics of my outfit picked by my Poppa Diddy Pop!

Dress: cotton, A-line, Calvin Klein
Shoes: tweed, peep toe d'orsay pump, Steve Madden


Jameil said...

You DO look great in yellow!

Naima said...

Agreed! Good job, Pops!!

K. Rock said...

I love me a yellow dress so I definitely aprove of this look.

Nerd Girl said...

You look great - good job Daddy-O!