Dressed by the Men: Day 4

I spilled sweet tea all over myself this morning and hung my clothes to dry on cabinet doors. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I had to leave school early was my fashion challenge clothes are still hanging in room 128. I sahwee. I usually take my pics after school when my dad is home/awake. Don't worry, I'll give you a double whammy tomorrow :-) But PLEASE enjoy Nima and Jam! They look AWESOME!

Since today was my last day going into the office this week, I told BL that jeans were no longer off limits. What does he pick? Jeans! Who's surprised? Not me! And here's to day 3 of me being extra tall, thanks to his shoe picks!

I think I must have walked in on him in the closet about 3-4 times trying to pick something out. This is very similar to something I've worn before (no veto needed), so I think my interruptions made him nervous and he just grabbed something familiar. Ooops! And yes, that us a yellow belt that you see. Everyone in yellow!! Hahahahaha!!

Shirt: Old Navy
Tank: Old Navy (super clearance! still had tags on it!)
Necklace: Heliotrope
Belt: The Limited
Jeans: Banana Republic
Shoes: Target

Rashan, like 'Cardo, likes me in way dressier clothes than I would ordinarily wear to sit around and do nothing and/or work. J'adore this outfit other than the tightness of the pants. This will def. be my last time wearing these! This shirt is one I bought at the end of the season & it was awesomely cheap! I'm not sure about this belt that came with it, though. It seems a bit much. Unexpected side effect of being dressed by Rah, I feel really pretty seeing my outfits through his eyes! :)

Every time I see that pic, Mary Tyler Moore plays in my head!

Shirt w/belt: BCBG Max Azria
Pants: Express
Earrings: No clue
Shoes: Gap


Elaine said...

Love your Target shoes! :)

The Goddess said...

You guys look great. I wouldn't have guess the shoes came from Target. I'm gonna start perusing the shoe isle there a little more often.

Love the pink blouse and the sandals. I cant wait until it's warm enough to start wearing sandals here daily. Darn CO weather